Rent a car Low Cost

If you have tried to look for a rent a car and one that fits within your needs, then you will realize that there are quite a number of car rental companies around. Sometimes trying to select the best from among all of them may prove to be a daunting task. That is why in this article we will look at some of the most important rent a car tips you should know. One of the things that will differentiate …

dutch cuisine

All about Dutch cuisine

Fish, fish, and more fish. The staggering wealth of the 17th- century Dutch Golden Age was based in large part on herrings.The Dutch eat them raw and pickled in a variety of ways. Try them at one of the dozens of herring stands (herringhuis) scattered around town. Other Atlantic and North Sea fish are on many menus, and they’re generally fresh and delicious. Among snack foods, ossenworst is a delicious smoked beef sausage eaten cold, like salami. The beef or …

travel venice

Why visit Piazza San Marco in Venice

Venice is notorious for changing and extending the opening hours of its museums and, to a lesser degree, its churches. Before you begin your exploration of Venice…

discover greece

Discover why you should visit Greece

Many people search for super cheap flights to Greece every year.Since the 2004 Summer Olympics brought lots of visitors to Athens that year—and lots of lasting changes throughout Greece. Excellent roads link major destinations throughout the country and the swift Metro (subway) makes it easy to dart around Athens itself. The pedestrianized walkways through Athens’s “Archaeological Park” makes strolling beneath the Acropolis and beside the Ancient Agora a delight.

discover greece

Athens has lots of stylish new hotels and in places where …

things to do in Berlin

10 things to do in Berlin

Berlin has it all. This world city has raised itself from the ashes of destruction and decades of division and now offers visitors world-class museums and attractions, wild-and-wonderful nightlife, shopping fit for both kings and commoners, and food rustled up from all ends of the earth. Above
all, Berlin has spirit and is happy to show it. Complement your dips into cultural treasures and history by getting out to less-advertised areas and experience Berlin in all its parts.

things to do in Berlin

Top 10 …

lisbon travel

Fast Facts for Lisbon Travelers

If you plan a city break in Lisbon , there are some facts that will help you  during your trip.These are simple tips and info for your vacations in Lisbon.

ATMS/CASHPOINTS Maestro, Cirrus, and Visa cards are readily accepted at all ATMs. Exchange currency either at banks, automatic currency exchange machines, or casas de câmbio (bureaux de change). There are currency exchange offices in both arrivals and departures at Portela Airport. Portuguese banks include the Banco de Portugal, Banco …

travel bath

Planning a Trip in Bath

The city of Bath has had two lives. Originally, it was a Roman spa known as Aquae Sulis. The foreign legions founded their baths here (which may be visited today) to ease their rheumatism in the curative mineral springs. In 1702, Queen Anne made the trek from London, 185km (115 miles) west to the mineral springs of Bath, thereby launching a fad that was to make the city England’s most celebrated spa.

travel bath

The most famous personage connected with Bath’s growing …